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Absorber Solutions

We carry a large inventory of products instock and ready to fabricate for you. These include:

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When Shielding Is Not Enough

  • Shielding can produce interference/crosstalk
  • Dielectric and can be applied to PCB
  • Unlike shielding, absorbers do not need to be grounded
  • Great alternative to engineering re-design
  • Extremely flexible and easy to cut
  • Apply with Pressure sensitive adhesive

EMI & Microwave Absorber Materials Custom Fabricated

CR technology has vast experience in cutting a multitude of EMI and Microwave Absorbing Materials. We routinely cut iron loaded MAGRAM absorber sheet, single and multi-layered lossy foams, carbon loaded honeycomb (both nomex & fiberglass core) along with very thin EMI Tape Absorber.

Using custom equipment and proprietary cutting techniques, we have many value added options to create efficient installation options for the assembly and manufacturing process. From creative tabbing, to precise and controlled adhesive placement to innovative lining systems, we can eliminate time consuming handling headaches into streamlined processes.

EMI & Microwave Absorbing Materials

EMI and microwave absorbers are effective in near field environments and specifically designed to eliminate electronic noise in a broad range of frequencies from low MHz to high Ghz. They work by absorbing the EMI field generated by today's high-speed electronics, eliminating emissions, crosstalk, and oscillations. They are flexible rubber and polymer sheets that are loaded with specific magnetic filler particles and are nonconductive, so they can be directly applied to circuits and traces without risk of shorting out IC pins. They are supplied in sheet or roll form for easy converting into custom shapes, and once cut, can be placed in tape and reel format for automatic assembly. Many are certified UL94V-0 and are supplied in a variety of thicknesses.

Shielding VS. Absorber

EMI shielding simply separates internal electronics from outside sources to keep EMI noise out (susceptibility) or contain EMI noise within (emissions). Ideally, enclosures would be a solid metal box, however, once openings or apertures become necessary for cables, LED, fans etc., these devices radiate like antennas. Shielding cans, EMI tape, conductive gaskets and coatings are common EMI shielding methods that may not completely solve the problem. Absorbing materials are used to mitigate undesired noise. EMI absorbers can also be used to eliminate emissions on cables or traces.

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In Stock Ready to Fabricate:

Tuned Resonant Absorbers

MAGRAM or Magnetic Radar Absorbing Materials are tuned frequency specific resonant absorbers, provide great reflection loss at a targeted frequency, typically offering 20dB of attenuation. MAGRAM absorbers offer narrowband absorption from 500 MHz to 40 GHz. Thickness range .030-/200”.

Cavity Resonant Absorbers

Cavity Resonance Absorbers are designed to exhibit high loss within a microwave cavity. The absorber will in effect lower the Q factor of the cavity by attenuating cavity oscillations, resonant frequencies, or harmonics. Cavity Resonant Absorbers attenuate energy at normal and high angles of incidence at frequencies from 1 to 20 GHz. Thickness range .040-.200”.

Surface Wave Absorbers

Surface Wave absorbers are no conductive magnetically loaded elastomer based materials. They are designed to be applied to metal or conductive surfaces to attenuate traveling waves, dissipate energy or cancel the signal entirely. Generally effective from high MHz range to 40 GHz. Thickness range .040”-.200”.

Ultra-Thin EMI Absorber & Tape

Specifically designed for commercial electronics when space is limited. Very high in permeability and using uniquely shaped fillers allows for EMI absorption in a wide range of frequencies from 10-80 GHz. This material can be easily fabricated for any type of configuration and is flexible enough to wrap over cables to maintain signal integrity. Thickness range .010”-.040”

Broadband Foam Absorbers

These carbon loaded foam absorbers have a high dielectric loss over a very broad range of frequencies and can be easily applied with a pressure sensitive adhesive. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and single or multiple layers. Generally effective in far field applications they are low density, light weight and can be custom carbon loaded to meet high or low loss requirements. Placement in a cavity will reduce multiple reflections, which result in improved performance. Product provides broadband absorption from 500MHz to 40GHz. Thickness range .125”-4.5”.