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Prototypes in 24 Hours

We have multiple prototype manufacturing resources including multi-axis high speed knife oscillation, Co2 Laser Cutting, along with abrasive and non-abrasive Waterjet Cutting. All provide working proof of concept parts with no tooling or die charges. We provide you with a precision, production ready part with our quick turn processes within 24 hours if we have (or you have) the material.

  • Precision and close tolerance custom configurations
  • Commercial grade, engineering or Mil-Spec materials
  • Complex, intricate or difficult parts
  • Parts within 24 hours if have material

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Short Runs in 2-3 Days

CR Technology offers quick turn-around for pre-production quantity manufacturing, allowing customers to validate efficiencies in "real time" while transitioning into the manufacturing process. These pre-production or “short” runs demonstrate the manufacturability and repeatable performance of your product. We produce short-run production parts to satisfy our customer’s long-term needs! In most cases, pilot runs utilize the same manufacturing lines and processes that produce the final product.

Rapid Prototyping

From concept to prototype, once the design and mechanical configuration is identified, we will upload your CAD file into our software system to begin prototype development. We have many different capability options for manufacturing prototypes, each case is specific to the mechanical design complexity. Let the experienced team at CR Technology quickly take your design from concept to working prototype to evaluate form, fit, and function.

Die Cutting
Die Cutting
Die Cutting

Pre-Production Benefits

  • Allow for optimizing manufacturing processes for customer products
  • Demonstrate repeatable product performance
  • Provide custom components for verification in your final system
  • Provide parts for additional certification testing (if required)

The Prototyping Process

At CR Technology, our primary focus is to work with our customers through the early design phase, supporting them from concept to production. We walk you through the material selection process to help you understand material options and benefits as they pertain to your specific application and needs. Some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Application or design review
  • Physical & mechanical considerations
  • Thermal & temperature requirements
  • Chemical resistance capacity
  • Environmental or material exposure
  • Electrical specifications (EMI/RF)
  • Additional certifications or specifications needed

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