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Our Capabilities

  • Single Knife Slitter
  • Rewinding Machine
  • Automated Cut to Length
  • Bulk Services
  • Reduced Waste
  • Wide Range of Materials

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Custom Slitting Services

If you require a specific roll of material slit to width for your next project, let CR Technology handle your cutting, fabricating, slitting and value added needs. Using our most advanced equipment, technology and techniques, we are able to precisely slit roll stock to our desired width and length from master or log rolls.


Slitting to Size and Beyond

At CR Technology we focus our slitting operations strategically, to optimize manufacturing expertise while providing customer satisfaction. Our slitting center is comprised of two general phases of operation:

  • We utilize our slitting capabilities to feed our own tooling and presses to enhance maximized production and yield. This reduces waste, streamlines efficiency and lowers cost.
  • We offer value added slit to width and bulk services to our customers for a wide range of materials and applications.

Slitting Capabilities

Single Knife Slitter

Also known as a log slitter or "baloney" slicer is used for slitting rolls of tape or foam. With this type of equipment, a blade that is spinning slices into the roll and then is moved to create the desired roll widths. We can work off of master rolls up to 18 inch diameter.

Rewinding Machine

The CRT rewinder uses a different technology to precisely slit material to width. Rolls of material are unwound then pulled through razor type blades that are spaced to the required slit dimension. The slit rolls are then rewound onto cores. This type of slitter is well suited to films, paper, foils and many other types of material. In addition to precisely controlling the width of the roll, we can have the roll be whatever length that you require.

Automated Cut to Length

We can take slit rolls up to four inches wide and cut them into pieces of any length. Examples of parts that we have cut on this machine are, woven fiberglass that is .025 thick cut to create reinforcement inserts, copper foil laminated to polypropylene cut to various lengths for a shielding application, and Mylar that was used as an electrical insulator.

Additionally, we have the ability to cut-to-length for various narrow web slit materials such as tapes, films, and fiberglass.

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